We’ve discussed the more conventional means of starting an online business. There are some unconventional means as well that should be looked at. By unconventional, we mean those ideas that people came up and were laughed at by others. Those people than took those ideas to the top and made a huge living from them. Here are some of those ideas that people thought would never get off the ground:

Selling old seminars- One guy made a nice living by finding and selling old seminars that originally sold for thousands of dollars.

Domain names- Someone came up with the idea that they could sell a service of naming domain names for other people. Sounds crazy, but the business took off for them. Turns out quite a few people needed that service.

Selling used engagement jewelry- This idea reportedly came from someone who broke off their engagement, got the ring back but found they couldn’t return it for full value. They started a site for other people in the same boat to sell their jewelry and earn back what they paid for it or as close to it as possible.

Selling butterflies for a living- Yes, it’s possible or at least that what one person found out when someone bet him that he couldn’t sell them. He not only won that bet, but made a huge business from that one little idea.

There are tons more ideas that people have come up and made them work as an online business, so check your memory banks and see if there’s one idea hiding there that no one would believe could work. It just might prove them wrong…