PLR stands for Paid Label Rights. Its written content that can be sold to others to use for whatever they want to use it for. Website owners search these out to get content for their sites for a smaller fee.
It doesn’t sound like a money making opportunity when put that way. The thing is, the same package of written content can be sold numerous times to other people. Here’s how it works.

For example, let’s say you are selling a package of 10 articles- all about a certain topic like pet care. Typically, these packages are sold at about $1 an article. Someone who has a website about pet care needs articles to place on their site, so they buy a package from you. You just made $10.

Now, that same package of 10 articles can be sold again and again and again. In the end, you can sell the same 10 articles 50 times bringing you the grand total of $500 just for that one package. You can sell more than one package of PLR articles at the same time increasing your profit potential.

Everyone charges something different and offers different types of PLR content as well as different article topics. You can sell E-book material and special reports as well as articles. People can take these articles, change them to their needs and use them wherever they want.

What skills are helpful?

Writing skills would be necessary. You would need to write good quality articles even though the people that buy them will change them anyway. You could hire a ghostwriter to write them for, but keep in mind; you would have to pay them for their time, so this is a good option if you don’t mind losing some of the profit.

Marketing your PLR content would also be necessary. In order to make good money in this business, you will need to get people to find your content, so pull out all the stops when starting this business.

What tools will I need?

If you’re going to write the article content yourself, you would need a computer with word processing software installed. A website will also be needed to sell your PLR content from.

If you choose to hire someone to write the content for you, then you will need to find a ghostwriter that fits your budget and provides good quality content.

How do you get started?

The first place to start will be in getting the articles written. You will want to make sure that the package of articles that you will sell together relate to a certain topic. Topics could include gardening, pet care, nutrition, exercise etc.

Decide how much you will sell the articles for and get a website set up to sell them from. You can certainly use a website that provides the service of selling them for you, but you’re better off selling them off your own site and marketing them yourself.

There is good money in PLR if you choose to get into this kind of business, as there are millions of websites out there that need content. With good marketing techniques, you can make a good living for you and your family quite easily.