There are several types of online businesses you can choose from to get started. You will want to check out each option and see which one suits your needs before proceeding. Here are some of the more popular online businesses people get into and what each one entails:

Service Based Businesses

A service based business is one where you offer some type of service to potential clients. Some of these include:
• Writing
• Web Design
• Accounting/Bookkeeping
• Virtual Assistant

Other small business owners have a tough time getting all of their business tasks done by themsleves, so they outsource those projects to someone else. They look for people who offer the services they need done for them.

If you have experience in some of these areas, you could offer it as a service by starting your own business selling yourself. For example, if you have some writing experience and can write well, you can offer that as a service to others who need writing done for their sites.

What skills are needed?

Depending on the type of service you choose to provide your potential clients, you should have some amount of skill under your belt. It’s not necessary to have educational degrees to perform these services, but clients like to see that you have some kind of experience to complete the tasks they need done.

Working online doesn’t provide the face to face contact that brick and mortar companies have when they hire employees. Trust comes a little harder online, so people do like to know the person they’re hiring has skills and knowledge in a particular field.

While it’s not necessary to have 10+ years experience performing a service, the fact that you have done it before and have some testimonials to back that claim up helps tremendously.

What tools are needed?

The tools you need will depend on the type of services you plan to provide. The more common ones that most service based businesses should have are:
• Computer
• Reliable Internet access
• Phone
• E-mail program
• Website

There will probably be some software programs to obtain as well. Each service uses some different ones, but most need a word processing program, excel program, and some use a web designing program.
You should consider an Instant Messaging program for those clients who like to be able to contact you instantly without having to use the phone to call or wait for an e-mail response.

How do you get started?

First thing you want to do is decide on the type of service you plan to offer your clients. Jot down everything you can think of that shows you have some experience or knowledge in that particular field.

Next, get your website created. Showcase your skills or experience on your site and provide clients with testimonials from other people who have used your skills and were pleased with the results. Place your rates and any other information about how you run your business.

Market your site on various places on the internet to get your online business out there for potential clients to find and check out. When clients contact you to hire you for whatever service they need, reiterate to them how things will go. For example, let them know how they be invoiced for the work done and how much it will cost etc.

It will take awhile to build a list of regular clients, so don’t expect to be making tons of money right away. Give it time and keep marketing your service based business until you get to the point where you’re practically turning away clients because you’re too busy.

Running a service based business is a perfect option for those who already are performing that service at another job. In most cases, you could make more money offering those services online than you can by working a brick and mortar position.