This is a perfect business opportunity for those who love to research and love to learn about our ancestors. Genealogists make a living by creating family trees for other people who don’t have the time or the patience to do it themselves.

Almost everyone likes to know where they came from and what their ancestors did that might have made a mark on the world. You can cash into their curiosities by doing the research for them and providing them with their family heritage.

What skills would be helpful?

Excellent research skills and organization skills will be of high priority. These skills are what genealogy is all about. You will need to know where and how to research each family’s heritage and be able to place all the information in an easy to understand format for your clients.

What Tools would be needed?

You would need a computer with a reliable internet connection. You should subscribe to some of the best genealogy websites available to use for your research. You should also invest in some guides or attend some classes to learn some tips and tricks on researching family trees.

A website would be needed to run your business from. Clients will need to know how you perform you work as well as how much you charge. Provide some samples if possible to show clients how thorough your work is.

How to get started

Get all your supplies brought together and find genealogy websites to subscribe to. Create a website to sell your service from and then start marketing your business to get clients to your site.

Utilize your internet resources for your research as well as local libraries, courthouses and historical societies. You may need to interview people to access some information, so you may need to look into a phone to use.

Create your family tree document that will hold all the family heritage information or use software programs that provide that for you.

If you love to research and are interested in historical documents, then you should be considering this type of business. Meet the demands that people have to find out their family history and make money doing something you love to do.